This is a first try at writing a PHP extension to use gnokii.

Some ideas:

  • decide which functions to include (no need to duplicate commandline gnokii)
    • [yes] add a "gnokii_" prefix to all functions?
    • [done] --identify
    • --getsms
    • --sendsms / --savesms
    • --getphonebook (useful for backups)
    • --getsecuritycodestatus / --entersecuritycode
  • see if using something like mysql persistent connections makes sense
  • how to handle --config and --phone options when they will be implemented?

See attached archive. Edit: this is now in gnokii-extras' git repository.

At the moment here is only the "identify" function, returning an associative array:

$ php -r 'dl(""); print_r( gnokii_identify() );'
    [IMEI] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [Manufacturer] => Nokia
    [Model] => 3210
    [Product name] => NSE-8
    [Revision] => SW 06.00, HW 5591